Have a look at my rates

Below I have listed all my services


R 350
  • Ask your questions via WhatsApp
  • Fee applies to 5 Q&A's
  • Follow-up queries will be billed

Video Call

R 450
  • Ideal for clients far from Paarl
  • This doesn't include infant weighing
  • Growth is assessed with available weights

Antenatal Class

R 550
  • Private breastfeeding class
  • What to expect
  • How to prepare

Breast Pump Demo

R 200 per pump
  • Fit and test from our curated options
  • Flange size recommendation
  • Pump suggestions to your specific needs

Clinic Visit

R 650
  • In Paarl & surrounding areas
  • After Hours only in Paarl Mediclinic
  • By appointment only

Home Visit

R 750
  • 3 to 6 day feeding and growth checkups
  • Includes 30km travel from Paarl
  • Travel beyond 30km will be charged


Medical Aid Rates
  • Support soon after birth is crucial
  • Entrance is subject to the facility's consultant policies
  • Accounts not covered by the medical aid becomes the responsibility of the client