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Frequently asked questions - Breastpumps

Do I need to purchase a breast pump before my baby arrives?

We would recommend waiting until you have established breastfeeding (about 6 to 8 weeks),
until you investigate pumping. There are certain risks to early pumping, however there are
certain scenarios when a mother needs to start pumping earlier as with a baby in the intensive
care unit.
We would not advise booking a breast pump demo session while you are still pregnant, as the
breasts and nipples may change during the pregnancy and after a few weeks of breastfeeding.

Can I buy a second-hand breast pump?

We would advise against the use of second-hand pumps. Unfortunately, most pumps out there are not made for multi-use. There are a few stronger, closed-system, multi-user pumps (“hospital-grade”) that are designed for that purpose. The motor is completely sealed from the milk, strong enough to maintain suction strength and speed, and can be kitted with a new hygienic kit for each user. These pumps are often available for rental.

If you have used your breast pump for quite some time or with your previous baby, we would advise to have the pressure, speed and parts checked by a demo center consultant as it may have weakened since your last use.

What breastfeeding gear do I need to get before my baby arrives?

Education, education, education. Knowledge is power. I would strongly recommend an
antenatal breastfeeding class to guide you on what to expect and how best to prepare for your
breastfeeding journey.
Getting to know the lactation consultant in your area is also helpful, so you have the right
support on call when you need it.
We are finding that the Silver nipple cups are proving to be extremely helpful in supporting
breastfeeding comfort, especially in the first few weeks of breastfeeding. If this is not easily assessable to you after the birth, it might be helpful to invest in a set before the baby arrives.

Frequently asked questions - Website

How do I customize my account?

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How do you process my information?

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How do I contact support?

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How can I get a discount?

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