Caréne Joubert is a registered dietitian who has worked in the government sector for 4 years, where she was exposed to countless cases of malnutrition among infants. While working on the treatment and prevention of such cases she realized the profound impact which breastfeeding can have on the lives of both mothers and babies. The realization that breastfeeding can save lives sparked a true passion in her for the field. This lead to her enrollment in the South African Lactation Consultation Course. She has since joined Milk Matters as a breastfeeding counselor to help improve the breastfeeding support in selected government hospitals.
All of this birthed the idea of starting her own practice called “Bump to Babe”, focused on providing nutrition support during the first 1000 days of life. 

Absoluut fantastiese diens!! Beveel haar definitief aan!”

Jarne Botha

“Carene has proven to be a valuable asset to the Milk Matters team. She conduct herself in a highly professional manner at all times, and her gentle, caring manner combined with her breastfeeding support skills have meant that she has provided much needed support to many mothers and valuable information to the doctors and nurses working with these mothers. It is a pleasure working with Carene and having her represent Milk Matters.”
Jenny Wright

Milk Matters


Jenny Wright